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DSC Sport – lifting GTR suspension control to the next level.


Nissan’s Flagship R35 GTR is world renowned for its handling characteristics, benefiting greatly from Bilstein Damptronic “active” Suspension.


The standard R35 allows the driver to select from three different suspension modes:-

Click the DSC Sport Logo for a Shock Dyno Presentation by the developer.


  • R (for racing, or high performance),

  • Sports (the normal setting) and

  • Comfort (for city driving to absorb road bumps).


Each mode has a combination of Sport and Comfort settings to achieve the legendary performance that we all love.


Following the tradition from earlier GTR’s, many engines have been tuned to provide increased performance, tyres have often been changed, some have altered the suspension geometry and until now we have had a one size fits all on the way the dampers react.


Using skills developed on the racetrack, DSC Sport have produced a system that changes the rules allowing the Bilstein Damptronic shockabsorber response to be set according to driver preference and circuit conditions.

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