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Inputs from the following sensors are used to determine the most suitable setting for the shockabsorbers and are adjusted 100 times per second to provide optimum performance.


  • Engine revs

  • Steering angle

  • Vehicles accelerometers

  • Hydraulic brake pressure

  • Torque fed to the wheels through the driveshafts

You will see on the right a screenshot of the GForce tab from the DSC Sport programming suite where you can see that there is a table with lots of black dots.


The box highlighted in Blue is where the braking and cornering force are 1G.


On the settings panel you can see that the left front and rear shock and right rear is set to 100% the front right is set to 20% allowing you to ride any kerb with the inside wheel with confidence.


The 10 x 10 GForce table allows 100 settings for each shockabsorber in plus and minus 1G environments.


There is also a sweet spot at the centre of the table for comfort settings that can be set to provide everyday comfort levels.

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