Tractive ACE (Activity Controlled Electronic) shock absorber includes the worlds fastest, most stable bi-directional internal damping valve in the world.

The patented internal DDA (Dynamic Damping Adjustment) valve responds to commands from the DSC Sport suspension controller in only six milliseconds, allowing for more sophisticated tuning maps, relying less heavily on predictive control strategies.

Tractive use the highest grade materials in the manufacture, offering a significant reduction in unsprung weight against standard suspension as follows:-

Tractive shocks plus springs weight = Front 4.5kg Rear 4.3kg

Standard GTR shock absorber weight = Front 7.5kg Rear 6.9kg

This provides a massive 11 kg reduction in unsprung weight over the standard suspension.

Tractive Offers the finest grade Guide seal, Piston and Shim stack arrangement on the market (.01mm guide clearance), allowing the DDA damper to withstand heavy load changes with no signs of hysteresis or stiction.

The benefit is the world’s most versatile suspension system, providing a previously unheard-of combination of race-winning performance on the track and daily driver comfort on the street.

See a video introduction based on the Porsche version of the Tractive shockabsorber.

R35 GTR Tractive ACE damper