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We are delighted that Racelogic has recognised the benefit of partnering with us to optimise the benefits that can be gained from the DSC Sport suspension control system.

We are able to offer the full range of Racelogic products, but feel there will be a select range of Racelogic equipment that will appeal to R35 GTR owners to improve the trackday, ¼ mile and launch performance.

All RACELOGIC data logging equipment is able to perform acceleration tests to determine 0-60, 0-100mph, ¼ mile, VMAX, G-forces data. Data is logged to a memory card and can be analysed with the supplied VBOX Tools software.

The obvious first choice is the Video VBox Lite 

The Video VBox Lite two camera system is likely to be a favourite amongst track day enthusiasts.

Its ability to video log your laps greatly simplifies the analysis of your fastest laps and cornering speeds.

4 channels from the car can be overlaid on the Video as standard, RPM, Speed, G Force etc, this can be upgraded to 8 channels.

The Videos below provide a good overview on how to use the Video footage is used with the Circuit Tools software also highlighting the Lap Timer. These tools will allow you to get the best from the DSC Sport system by analysing track performance.

Additionally, VBox Tools software can be used provide further analysis.

Users can also configure performance tests such as 0-60 and ¼ mile times etc, for the Video VBOX to calculate and display live in the video footage.

See the screenshot to the right, also refer to the Video VBOX Setup Software Guide for more details on this.

The discussions also make clear the significant advantage of Video footage analysis compared to datalogs alone.

Racelogic Introduction

Racelogic Introduction

Video VBox Lite

Video VBox Lite - Circuit Tools demonstration

Nigel Greensall Race instructor - Video VBox demonstration

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