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Adjacent, you will see screenshots from within the DSC Sport programming suite, there are settings tabs for Braking, Acceleration (Launch control is managed in this tab), Steering, Shock calibration, Velocity and Settings where you can set up the response for each of these modes.


A real bonus is that the suspension setting when you switch off the engine will remain selected when you next start the car.


Launch control is another area of interest for many GTR owners, the DSC Sport system allows you to set the response from the front and rear shockabsorbers during launch.


It is generally accepted that the most efficient launch is when the front end rises slowly and settles down slowly while the car is still accelerating


The rear should be stiffer than the front, allowing good weight transfer to the tyres. 


Boost off the line, different surface characteristics and tyre combinations mean launch control can be fine-tuned even on a race map, keeping the car safe when competing on high speed events and circuit grid starts.


In order to optimise the performance benefits of the DSC Sport system we have also partnered up with Racelogic to provide the tools necessary to fine tune the suspension characteristics.


For customers that are less confident in suspension programming, we plan to implement a market place where customers can post their Racelogic datalogs for particular circuits allowing users to purchase a suspension map before visiting a particular track.

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