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As GTR owners, we are extremely fortunate to be able to drive one of the fastest cars on the Planet.


Many of us have entered the aftermarket performance world, taking Nissan's creation to new heights.

Power levels have multiplied, yet until now there have been few suspension upgrades to enhance the handling of our GTR's.

Our first product is a programmable suspension controller from DSC Sport.

Click the DSC Sport Logo for a Video introduction

Bilstein developed the Damptronic range of shockabsorbers for use in a number of high performance vehicles.

DSC Sport have very successfully applied this programmable technology on track and road to the Porsche range of vehicles, significantly improving lap times.

DSC stands for Dynamic Suspension Control.


The DSC programmable controller adjusts the damping level of each individual shockabsorber in virtual real time with step control between the Sport and Comfort setting, resulting in an active suspension setup that provides more grip, greater stability and ride control while increasing comfort for all driving styles and road conditions

Attention has now turned to providing the DSC programmable technology to the Bilstein Damptronic suspension fitted to the R35 GTR.

DSC Sport video introduction
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